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Fresh evidence places Rotich at the center of Tirop murder

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Fresh evidence places Rotich at the center of Tirop murder


The murder probe of slain athlete Agnes Tirop has taken a new twist after CCTV footage emerged.

The footage shows Ibrahim Rotich, the prime suspect in the case, at the scene of the crime on the day the world athlete was murdered. Agnes Tirop’s lifeless body was found battered with stabs and cuts in her bedroom.

According to a neighbor, both Agnes and Rotich lived together for close to five years and did not have quarrels until recently in June when the two fell out over infidelity.

With the CCTV footage, the prosecution is now confident that they have a strong case against Rotich. Besides the footage, the prosecution will also rely on a confession note in their possession linking him to the murder.

Rotich was arrested in Mombasa before he was transferred to Eldoret Railways Police Station where he is being held.

High Court yesterday ordered mental assessment on the suspect ahead of November 16, 2021, when he takes plea for the murder charge.

During her career, Agness Tirop conquered world championships and cross country races. In August, she finished fourth in the 5,000m final at the Tokyo Olympics and broke the women-only 10km in Germany, setting a new time of 30 minutes and one second.


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