6 mistakes that make your hair tangle


Hair tangling is obvious if you leave your hair unattended to.Here are some common causes of tangled curls in this article and how to avoid tearing your hair out.

1.   Not Using The Right Deep-Conditioner

Before buying a deep conditioner it is important to know your hair porosity . A high porosity  you should buy a deep conditioner that will enable your hair to retain moisture. A protein based conditioner would be great for such hair. For a Low porosity hair, a protein based deep conditioner might not be necessary.

2.  Not Detangling Your Hair Correctly

To make detangling session easier and less painful, section your hair into parts. You can decide to part your hair into 2, 4 or many based on how thorough you want your hair to be detangled. People use different methods to detangle, some may rely solely on their fingers whiles others may use combs (wide-tooth combs) and brushes for a more detangled hair. Whatever, your preferred method is, do not forget to detangle your roots. Never overlook any part of your hair. Start from the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots.

3.  Postponing Wash Days

Washing your hair as often as possible should be every natural or curlies must. Keeping moisture in your hair is vital to the health of your hair. It helps prevent your hair from getting unnecessarily brittle and matted. Wash your hair often and keep a stretched style to prevent your hair from shrinking and tangling.

4.  Wrong Maintenance Practices

Maintaining great hair is throughout the day is usually easy and passive. Most people however forget to protect their hair during night-time. Hair tangling can be caused by friction between the hair cuticle as they move and rub against each other. The friction occurs when your head moves during your sleep. Braids, a pineapple bun, wearing a satin scarf or bonnet are ways to prevent your hair from tangling.

5. Not Trimming Your Hair Consistently

If your focus is on length rather than health, then you might find it very difficult to give your hair a well-needed trim. Trimming however prevents your strands from tangling. Split ends will cause friction with other ends. Trim your ends at least twice a year to keep this from happening.

6. High Manipulation Styling

If you want to give yourself a break, you should try low manipulation styling like perm rods, flexy rods, twists and heatless blowouts  To achieve excellent results you will have to detangle every strand carefully. Detangling hair before styling not only make for great results but it takes care of possible knots and tangles as a result of the style. Low manipulation hair styling does not require lots of effort to achieve yet they are exactly what your hair needs. Just be sure to moisturise your hair using either the LOC (liquid , oil, conditioner)or LCO (liquid ,conditioner, oil)method during your styling process