Skin care routine using available kitchen products


The answer to all our skin issues might be just what we use in the kitchen daily.

You don’t have to shop for expensive products provided you know your skin type and what affects your skin.

📍Apple cider vinegar :

☆can be used to sooth itchy hair extensions, soak the extension in warm water, rinse it and air dry it.

☆It can also be used as a toner after cleansing your skin using your normal routine which will also help to reduce acne. Mix with equal proportion of water then apply.


☆Coffee can be used as a face mask when mixed with honey.

☆It also removes cellulite appearance

☆Can be used to darken hair if brown and tint wigs (soak for preferred time depending on the intensity of tint needed)


☆Honey is a known moisturizer and can be used to moisturize hair, as a facemask for break out and rashes.


☆Used treat acne and remove blemish using the juice from potato


☆Banana is a plus for people with oily skin. Mashed with honey and used as a mask to control oil

☆Banana peel can be used as a tooth whitener then rub on your teeth gradually.

📍 lemon

☆Can be used to clear dark areas on elbows, Knuckles and knees

☆Clear black head, apply on the face, sit for a few minutes then wash it.

☆Teeth whitening when added with sodium bicarbonate then use to brush your teeth

📍Brown sugar

☆Can be used as a skin cleanser. Cut into half, smear honey then sugar and scrub your face and even scrub your lips. The apply a moisturizer


☆Egg white is a skin tightener

Use egg white mixed with honey

Egg white mixed with a banana

📍Tea bags
☆Can be used as a cold compressor to sooth sunburns

☆Minimize bug bites and mosquito bites by use of chamomile tea.

☆Removes under eye darkness and puffiness since caffeine shrinks blood vessels so use teabags which have not been decaffeinated.

☆Stinky feet can be healed by soaking feet in tea as it has an antifungal and antibacterial ingredient.

☆Green tea can be used as a toner and opening and clearing pores.