6 oils you should consider when choosing a body lotion


📍Coconut oil

Anti dryness- Coconut oil is a moisturizer and when it is one of the ingredients in your lotion, it makes sure that your skin is moisturised all day long. Dryness is an enemy of the skin

📍Shea butter

Anti roughness – Rough skin can be healed by shea butter and also it helps avoid roughness on your skin.

📍Sweet almond

Anti dullness – Dull skin mainly makes one look like they have not used oil but almond brings out the shiny nature of skin as it penetrates in the skin very easily.


Anti uneven skin – different skin areas can have uneven appearance due to natural effects such as weather or one’s skin type but avocado oil does the magic of making your skin look even.


Anti tightness- Its moisturizing properties keep your skin cells hydrated and counter act any drying effects associated with exfoliating your skin, providing you with a healthier and softer skin surface


Anti ashy look – Jojoba oil helps your skin to stop looking whitish and it brings out the perfect skin colour.