Ways you can use vinegar for cleaning in the kitchen


Unclogging your sink 

Combining vinegar and baking soda is effective to clear blockages in your sinks and wash away that funky drain smell.Pour a cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar into the drain. Pour boiling water after the foam subside then after a few minutes pour cold water again.

Cleaning cloudy glasses

Soak the glasses in the sink with some white vinegar that isn’t diluted  then after a few minutes wash the glasses.

Disinfecting cutting boards

Wipe the boards  with pure white vinegar immediately after using them. You can also mix with baking soda.

Cleaning your electric kettle

Kettles can have mineral deposits. Put approximately a third of vinegar then add water to the maximum and boil it then leave the solution overnight. Rinse the kettle with cold water and scrub any dirt.

Cleaning your microwave

Mix vinegar and water  and microwave the mixture for 5 minutes at the highest setting then. Use a sponge and wipe the inside.

Wiping and refreshing your fridge

Use equal parts of vinegar and water to wash both the interior and exterior of the fridge and do not forget to wipe the fridge trays and bin.