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How to Position Yourself for the Job Market

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How to Position Yourself for the Job Market


The job market has evolved and needs agility and persons with a keen interest to learn and adapt. The Covid 19 pandemic has come to prove that many people need to have a great skill set to become the best in their respective industries.

The following are some of the ways through which you can position yourself to get the job market;

  1. Know your why.
    As a job seeker you need to understand why you want to get that job. When you know your why it becomes very easy to maneuver around the job spaces and preparing for interviews.
  2. Be Honest
    As a job seeker you need to understand and know your weaknesses and strengths. Be honest with yourself and know how you can improve on your skills. For example if you are applying for a job in IT, you need to have transferrable skills such as Coding, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence and be current in the IT sector. Through the Internet, you can advance your skills by using sources such as Alisons and Coursera where the courses are offered for free.
  3. Have a Unique Selling Proposition
    Recruiters have changed their policy in hiring and they are looking for people who can add value in the organization. They want the best people who will ensure sustainable growth in the organizations. Your Unique Selling Proposition is what will make you become a competitive candidate and will set you apart.
  4. Have a Mentor
    Mentors will help you navigate through the maze of your career. Mentors play a very crucial role in making your career go to the next level. Finding a mentor might be hard at first. You need to look for someone who has succeeded in the field you want to be in and finally someone who is interested in coaching you.
  5. Be Creative.
    Creativity plays a big role in an organization. It increases problem solving. With the ability to think creatively and outside of the box, employees are more likely to come up with unique and innovative solutions to obstacles they encounter. This eagerness to solve problems can lead to new ways to accomplish tasks and adds to a more efficiently run business thus makes you become a very competitive person.
  6. Network.
    It is important for a job seeker to have reliable and sufficient networks; this can be through attending events, and using LinkedIn. Networking is the best way to find a job because it makes you a recommended member of a much smaller pool. The job you want may not be advertised at all. Networking leads to information and job leads, often before a formal job description is created or a job announced, thus making it easy to get jobs.
    Through these proven ways, you can beat all odds and become an innovative, creative and a competitive job

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