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How to Register a Business Name via eCitizen.

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How to Register a Business Name via eCitizen.


Registering a business in Kenya is done through the Registrar of Companies. It is in charge of all registrations of a business or a company in Kenya. Their primary role is to ensure that businesses and companies in Kenya are issued will all necessary certificates. However, the actual process of name searches and registration is done via an online system called the eCitizen.

All registered companies in Kenya go through a similar registration process, although the costs and requirements vary. Companies that have already been incorporated outside Kenya can register as a branch or subsidiary of a foreign corporation. They will receive a certificate of compliance as proof that all the conditions have been met.

For company registry services, one has to apply through the Office of Attorney General on the eCitizen portal. Here’s how to search for a business name:

  • Log into the eCitizen portal and;
    • Click on the Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice option,
    • Click on Make Application ,
    • Click on the Name Search- Company/Business,
  • Read and understand the instructions provided before clicking on the Apply Now button.
  • Choose the business entity then enter your proposed identity(the name you want to search).
  • Provide a short description of your entity .
  • Review the application before submitting the details.
  • Submit your application.
  • Choose your preferred payment method from the list provided to completeyour request. Search fee is Ksh.150.

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