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Kenyan Celebrity women making it in Business

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Kenyan Celebrity women making it in Business


Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyallo, the prime-time news anchor, and mother of an adorable daughter has defied the odds and proved her love for business is engrained in her DNA. She tried her hand at business by opening a high-end spa at Sifa Towers a few meters from Yaya Centre. However, Betty fell out with her then partner Susan Kaitanny where they had initiated the Posh Palace.

Betty said little about the fallout and kept her fans guessing what her next move would be. Many thought she had given up on business to do what she knows best, a seat behind the camera. To the joy of many, Betty bounced back stronger with a bigger and better salon under her name which opened at the iconic FCB Mihrab building directly opposite Sifa Towers.

Terryann Chebet

She is the founder of Kerala Organics a natural skincare company. Terryanne Chebet has a vision to grow the company to be among the world’s leading Natural Skincare brands. Besides the business, she has remained the sought-after business news anchor and moderator-host for top business events. She has a thorough understanding of micro and macro business issues and has interviewed some of the most influential business minds in Kenya and globally.

Olive Gachara

The idea of a fashion magazine with an African accentuated theme is an idea that must have crossed many, but Olive took it upon herself to materialize the idea.
Young people needed a platform to showcase their beauty and their sense of fashion and she gave them Couture magazine. It’s one of the bestselling magazines in Kenya. She has scooped various awards for her work. She is also the CEO and founder of Image with Olive Consultancy, an image consultancy firm in Nairobi.

Michelle Ntalami

She has changed the notion that African natural hair is ugly. Marini Naturals founded by Michelle has been a Black  Messiah to those who decide to go natural. Being one of our very own in a market faced by competition from outsiders, she deserves a round of applause. She delivers quality at an affordable price.

Wandia Gichuru

When you see the likes of Avril and Julie Gichuru slaying with their killer fashion statements, Wandia is the face behind it all. Vivo Activewear has gained its rightful place in the fashion industry thanks to her hard work. She is known for her hard work and her business acumen. She was also a lion in the Business Reality Show, Lion’s den. Her stalls are all over Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

Huddah Monroe

Can’t get over the “bad girl gone good in a business” phrase to refer to this sassy lass. She’s been a woman in business all her life and we cannot stop gushing at her cosmetic products dubbed Huddah Cosmetics. Her products are designed to suit her clientele and they are really doing well in the market.

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