Dads change diapers too


Public toilets in the country should set up an area for men to change their babies diapers i the male toilets and washrooms. There are single dads out here who have to go through a lot when in public places because the changing areas have only been built in the ladies toilets.

For instance New York, dads will no longer have to put their baby on a questionable lavatory floor, or squat with the baby over their knees, or try to find a dry patch of counter space between the sinks. the building code requires all new buildings with public bathrooms to install changing tables for both men and women.

There was no law that required changing tables in bathrooms used by the public, according to a statement from the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo , it stated that
“Parents and caregivers of young children often struggle to find a safe, sanitary place to change their child’s diaper,” the statement said. “In addition, when changing tables are available, they are disproportionately available in only women’s restrooms.”