Red Velvet Cupcakes





This is an incredibly easy red velvet cupcake recipe. Before you start with the recipe you will need:

  • 2 Medium sized bowls
  • A whisk/Mixer
  • Cupcake Paper
  • All ingredients at room temperature.



Group 1 – Dry Ingredients

  • 2 cups of All Purpose Flour**
  • 1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • 3 Tablespoons of Coco Powder (Not Drinking Chocolate) 
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of Salt

Group 2 – Wet Ingredients

  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Melted Unsalted Butter/Margarine 
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 Large Eggs (Broiler) 
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup Whole milk
  • 2/3 Tablespoons of Tomato Red food Coloring 
  • 1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients. Start by sieving the All Purpose Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt & add Cocoa Powder into a medium sized bowl. Set aside.


  • Step 2: Mix the wet ingredients. Start by adding sugar into the medium sized bowl. Add the cooking oil (Liquid) and the melted butter (melt the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds) and mix well. 
  • Step 3: Add the two eggs on by one. Mix for 5 minutes until the mixture turns into a whitish thick paste like liquid.


Step: 3
  • Step 4: Add the vanilla essence, whole milk and mix.
  • Step 5: Add the red food coloring and mix. Depending on your liking you can add as much as required to achieve the desired color.
  • Step 6: Add the apple cider vinegar and mix. Ensure all the wet ingredients are well mixed.
  • Step 7: Once all the wet ingredients are well mixed, add the dry ingredients bit by bit and mix.
Left; Wet ingredients Right;Dry ingredients
  • Step 8: Everything should mix evenly to form the final cake batter.
Step: 8

At this point, you have a choice of whether to make cupcakes or a cake. I decided to make cupcakes.

  • Step 9: Take the cupcake baking tray and put the cupcake baking paper cases.
  • Step 10: Preheat the oven at 180 for 10 minutes. Meanwhile fill the cupcake cup cases with 2-3 tablespoons of the red velvet cake batter. Leave it for a few minutes for the air bubbles to disappear before placing the cupcake tray in the oven.


  • Step 11: Cook the cupcakes for 20-30 minutes. Once cooked, remove the cupcakes from the oven and baking tray and leave it to cool.


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