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Lockdown for the unvaccinated in Austria as virus cases surge

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Lockdown for the unvaccinated in Austria as virus cases surge


Austria will effective Monday [today] implement an order placing those who have not been fully vaccinated in lockdown.
Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg Sunday announced the directive amid surging cases of the virus in the Country.

The order will see about two million people locked in homes and will only be permitted to leave for purposes of work and buying food.

Before the Sunday announcement, the unvaccinated were prohibited from visiting restaurants and cinemas among other places.

Under the new order, children under the age of twelve and people who have recently recovered from the virus will be spared.
“We are not taking this step lightly, but it is necessary,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said.

Protests were witnessed in Austria’s Capital following the declaration. Only sixty-five percent of Austria’s population are fully vaccinated. Portugal is the leading country in Europe with the share of the fully vaccinated population in Europe at 85%.

The government will use police to carry out spot checks in public spaces to determine the vaccination status of individuals and issue fines to those caught breaking the rules.


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