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Men are not Mistreated Because They Don’t Sleep With Their Bosses’ Wives – JIMMY GAIT

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Men are not Mistreated Because They Don’t Sleep With Their Bosses’ Wives – JIMMY GAIT


Popular Kenyan gospel artiste, Jimmy Gait has once again courted controversy while doing an interview with a local tv station

Speaking during the morning show, Jimmy Gait who operates a job agency, giving jobs to different people in the middle east attributed his success to passion and desire to help people.

“Locating jobs for people especially outside the country is something I am very passionate about. Being able to help people get jobs is something so satisfying for me,” said Jimmy Gait.

However, his comments trying to justify why many Kenyans going to the Middle east get to be mistreated has been met by chagrin from most Kenyans.

“These ladies come out and say they’ve been mistreated but never say why they were mistreated, “said the singer cum businessman.

These sentiments are sure to come under criticism especially with an increasing number of Kenyans crying foul while in the middle east and even some requesting repatriation to Kenya

“There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, and Dubai. The reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is because they do not go sleeping with their bosses’ wives,” said Jimmy Gait, further placing the blame solely on those abused by employers.

Gait added that he had been  skeptical about working in the areas but after doing his own assessment he got the full picture of what happens

“Before I started this whole initiative, I also had the same kind of mentality,” said the appointment hitmaker.

He narrated that the lack of discipline among the Kenyan workers is to blame for their misfortune while working in the Arab-world countries.

“There are laws in place that govern the agencies, the employees, and the employers but in the case of indecency and indiscipline then someone has to face the consequences. I just want to encourage Kenyans going to the Middle East to focus on their work,” he elucidated.

He has further encouraged those going in search of jobs in foreign countries to do due diligence when it comes to going through a job agency to safeguard their safety and interest while working

“It is very important for someone who wants to go to the Middle East to first of all know if the agency that is taking them there has processes in place to assist them in case of a problem. Some agencies cut corners and they can land you into problems,” he further added.

Jimmy Gait, not one to stay away from controversy, is sure to receive backlash from victims, labor activists, and human rights watch groups that have had to contend with cases of abuse.

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