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Nadia na Arrowboy Waendelea kujipa na Kutupa Raha Pia

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Nadia na Arrowboy Waendelea kujipa na Kutupa Raha Pia


The two artists lit social media streets by sharing luscious photos of themselves looking all lovey-dovey. They went ahead and confirmed what everyone had been speculating and said that their relationship is real and that they are dating. 

On Monday,16 August, Nadia dropped a teaser of their new song on Instagram with the caption, “Najua mna tamani kuskia ni kiki but no…I poured my heart into this brand new song,” The new hit song is called “Raha” and it features Arrowbwoy.  

The video is really topnotch and it seems that the two artists worked extra hard to produce it. Though many netizens have started insinuating that the clout chasing and their timely reveal about their relationship was really unnecessary and that they should have just released the song without too much hullabaloo. 

 Nadia has gone on to leave Instagram posts about the song, “Ni vingi tumepitia, matusi na wivu nimejionea nikavumilia 😟.Niliandika kweli.” 

Another post a few minutes afterward read, “Thank you ❤️❤. Are you watching??? LINK ON MY BIO & remember to subscribe to His Channel!! Let’s Go!!!!”

Arrowbwoy has also endorsed the song on his Instagram page captioned, “Love is a beautiful thing ❤️ … I love you so much @nadia_mukami Thank you for being a good partner on this… #Raha Out everywhere”

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