Babu Owino wants Jowie released on bail


Embakasi East Babu Owino has called on the Judiciary to release murder suspect Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu who has been in Kamiti Prison since late late year.

Jowie  is the Prime suspect in the murder of Businesswoman Monica Kimani together with former fiancee Jacque Maribe was released on bail.

Justice James Wakiaga refused to grant Jowie bail, saying he was a flight risk, had access to weapons and could intimidate witnesses. Maribe was released on a Ksh 1 million cash bail in October last year.

In May this year, Jowie made fresh attempts to be released pending the hearing and determination of the case. He said his family was willing to deposit security and one of his relatives was ready to accommodate him and ensure he attends court.

Babu Owino has accused the Judiciary of applying the law selectively. Taking to his facebook post,the MP questioned why prominent people are being released while others are being denied bail.


1.When Governor Obado was alleged to have murdered he was given a cash bail/bond term.
2.When Sarah Wairimu was alleged to have murdered Cohen She was released on Cash bail/bond.
3.JOWI should be given cash bail/bond term by the judiciary and when found guilty be jailed.
4.Marxism’s of law is that Equity is equality
5.He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands.
6.Is it coz JOWI is poor that’s why he is being frustrated by the Rich judiciary?
8.Youth for a youth