Devolution ministry staff on self-isolation after 18 test positive for COVID-19


All staff members at the State Department for Devolution have been directed to go on self-isolation for the next two weeks after 18 of their colleagues tested positive for COVID-19.

Devolution Principal Secretary Charles Sunkuli, in an internal memo to heads of department  said the infections were confirmed from 128 samples tested.

“Following the mass testing for COVID-19 that was done on July 23, 2020, it has come to our attention that 18 officers tested positive for the disease out of 128 samples,” said the PS.

“The purpose of this memo is to request you to inform all officers working in your departments to isolate themselves for the next two weeks from 3rd to 16th August, 2020.”

PS Sunkuli further said the officers will return to work on August 17, 2020 upon which another round of mass testing will be done.