Sakaja claims threats to his life over stand on revenue formula


Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Tuesday claimed that his life is in danger  over his strong opposition of the House Finance Committee’s proposed revenue sharing formula.

Senator Sakaja alleged that he was being trailed by police officers in an attempt  to intimidate him into changing his stance.

According to the senator the officers have been staking out his house and he could not even spend Monday night ahead of the seventh sitting there.

Sakaja claimed he had since sought the indulgence of IG Hillary Mutyambai on the matter but his concerns fell on deaf ears.

“On Friday I was being trailed by a police officers, DCI, vehicle KBZ 317W. I saw them and they left. I raised it with the Inspector General of Police and he did not respond,” he said.

“Yesterday (Monday) there were reports of my impending arrest so that I’m not here today (Tuesday)…I didn’t even stay at my own home, I was in the Senate buildings at 5.30am, I sat in my car in the basement until mid-day, that is not a laughing matter.”

The Senator also alleged that banners erected at different parts of the city in  labeling him a traitor  were also part of the larger plan to silence him.

“…the objective was for me not to come to the House, now that I have come and I have voted, those who want to come and arrest me, please go ahead,” he added.

“You have seen the vitriol, you have seen the banners against me out there for me to change my position, I am not one to be intimidated…I will not be intimidated. I stand for one Kenya.”