President Moi’s coffin to be carried by gun carriage


The late former president Daniel Moi’s body will be ferried to Parliament and Nyayo Stadium by a gun carriage.

During a press address, the head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua said Moi will be accorded full military honours.

“The former head of state will be accorded full military ceremonial honours which shall include conveyance of the body of the former head of state under escort in a gun carriage accompanied by military musical honours and a 19-gun salute,” said Mr. Kinyua, adding that Moi will then be buried in his Kabarak home on Wednesday, February 12.

Gun carriages have been used to carry the coffins of fallen soldiers and officers at military funerals and holders of high office with a military connection in State funerals to their final resting place.

The practice has its origins in war and appears in the nineteenth century in the Queens regulations of the British Army.