Why KU students demonstrated yesterday.


There were riots at the Kenyatta University main campus yesterday. Initially the demonstrations were supposed to be peaceful but things turned sour and there was a battle between the students and the police who dispersed the students using teargas. From the statement released by the KUSA president Joshua Ayika, the main aim of the demos was to air the following issues to the university administration

  1. Students want the deadline of fee payment to be extended.
  2. The administration forcing students in Nyayo hostels to use the flyover.
  3. Administration suspending students and student leaders over petty issues.
  4. Supplementary fee which the institution charges 2500 kshs to Nursing,Medicine and pharmacy students.
  5. Laying off casual workers without notice
  6. Hicking of graduation fee from 2500 to 6000 shillings
  7. Replacement of school IDs by students.

In addition to these issues, the students, led by their president, are demanding the resignation of the institution’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul K. Wainaina for what they termed as “historical injustices.”