Kagwe Warns Doctors Against Withholding COVID-19 Results To Bereaved Families


Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has warned doctors against withholding results to families who lose their kin to COVID-19.

He said such decisions pose grave consequences of increased infections because families end up burying their kin without following public health protocols.

“When a person succumbs to COVID-19, they do so at their most infectious state shedding the virus at a very high level and therefore, when buried without the protective measures in place everyone close to them is exposed,” he warned.

He said some Doctors have been withholding results for bereaved families to protect them from stigmatisation.

“Anybody can get this disease let’s not stigmatize it by giving false certificates knowing that at that point anybody coming close to that body is going to be infected,” Kagwe said, on a visit to Kisumu County, where he toured the main public hospital accompanied by his Education counterpart George Magoha and Governor Anyang Nyong’o.