Home News Counterfeit goods worth Sh20 million seized in Namanga 

Counterfeit goods worth Sh20 million seized in Namanga 

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority of Kenya (ACA) and DCI officers on Saturday seized fake books at the Kenya-Tanzania Namanga border town.

The officers nabbed counterfeit books and other goods worth over Sh20 million in Namanga.

The counterfeit books were copies of local publishers used as text books and approved learning materials.According to ACA, “The fake text books bearing names of Kenyan Publishers were imports meant for the local market hurting the local publishing industry.”

“Counterfeit Books oftenly (sic) have spelling mistakes and missing pages a nightmare to students” Abdi Hussein Namanga Border Regional Inspector.The Authority says measures have been put in place to ensure the cartels are outsmarted to prevent more counterfeit goods from entering the country.

“We have accelerated border seizure and we’re going to outsmart these cartels. We will ensure inferior; often dangerous goods do not get into the country. These seizures protect the rights of the intellectual property rights holder, health and safety of Kenyans,” says ACA.


“We are working UNDER the umbrella of Multi-agency enforcement and also the Border Management Committee @MAAITO_SDTKe and we expect more seizures at Border points in future” @Wanyamamusiambo @ImmigrationDept @TradeMarkEastA @FloraMutahi @aderajotieno @abdullzeearteta


“These fake text books are set literature textbooks by @KICDKenya and have glaring spelling mistakes and missing pages which is a problem to our students”. ^ @Kenyapublishers C.E.O James Odhiambo.

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