Kenyan pilots against KQ move to hire 20 foreigners


Kenyan pilots are against KQ move to hire 20 foreigners. In a media briefing today, the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) has insisted that there are Kenyans who are well qualified for the jobs.

”We have numerous suitable Kenyan captains on the Embraer fleet ready for promotion to the senior Boeing 737 fleet,” KALPA said.

Secretary General Captain Murithi Nyaga  accused Kenya Airways of breaching the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

He however acknowledged that there are circumstances where it may be necessary to hire expatriates, but he argued that in this case, Embraer plane pilots from Kenya have been denied their chance at being promoted.

”It is agreed in principle that whenever a vacancy occurs, the most suitable Kenyan in terms of qualifications and experience would be appointed,” he quoted a section of the CBA.

According to association, there are hundreds of pilots who are unemployed and can be tapped to contribute to the growth of the national carrier.