Could this pastor be prophesying that DP William Ruto will be betrayed in 2022?


A video from Divine Kingdom Ministry shows a pastor speaking of an East African country whose vice president will be facing strong resistance from his political rivals who will do everything necessary to have him fired or arrested.

This video is from a series known as Prophecy Time where the pastor makes a prophecy on current affairs across different countries.

Even though the pastor does not name the country he is referring to, it is believed that he was referring to Kenya and the political tensions between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

“God wants a praying president with a praying wife at the state house of the country concerned.”

The pastor says that the country has demonic altars which were set up by the forefathers and the demons are fighting tirelessly to resist the prayers made by the vice president’s wife ( believed to be Racheal Ruto ) .

He ended his prophecy by stating that the nation should pray for enlightenment in the coming years.

Here are comments from people who believe the preacher was prophesying about Kenya:(source youtube comments)

Demons tremble when we pray….Rachel Ruto more Grace
ruto is chosen one. this is clear
This is Kenya, we refuse tribal demonic alters to enslave us forever.
Concerning kenya…God intervene…continue praying mrs Ruto.we shall pray too
I was waiting for this concerning my country Kenya. I pray we choose William Ruto BECAUSE it is the will of GOD and no other reason! HALLEUYAH! 🇰🇪
God bless you mightily Man of God. That’s my country Kenya
King Saul fought against anointed future King David 15 years without success. God’s anointing covered him. We cover future Pres Ruto with the blood of Jesus.
this prophetic word for kenya🙏🙏👆🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
This is for Kenya God have mercy
Oh my God.. William Samoei Ruto.. God is with you