CCTV footage shows man stealing church offering


A  man has been arrested in Murang’a after he was caught stealing offering from a muranga church.

He was caught on hidden CCTV cameras breaking into James Cathedral Church in Murang’a town on Thursday.

The suspect was caught inside the church just after he stashed offertory into his pockets. Photo:citizen digital 

As reported by Citizen digital, church leaders said  they were concerned about missing offering and decided to  put secret cameras within the premises.

From the video,the man believed to be Muiya is seen attempting to pick a lock at the church premises.

A man believed to be Muiya is then seen using a thin wire to draw out notes from the safe box through a tiny opening.

People close to him spoke of his sticky fingers, saying that he started petty theft circa 2018 before graduating into the church offering heist.

The church administration was surprised at the discovery as he was one of the most ardent attendees of church service and would never miss a day in church.