Man caught with a Python handed a 2-year jail term


A man in Mombasa who was arrested in possession of a python has been fined KSh.2M or serve a 2-year jail term

In the ruling, the Judge noted that the culprit having worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service knew that he required a permit before handling the python.

“I find that the accused, having worked with the KWS ought to have known that a permit was required in such circumstance,” the judgement read.


He was facing the possession of a wild animal without a permit contrary to Section 95 (c) of the Wildlife Conservation Act charge

Photos that made rounds online showed the snake swathed in a piece of cloth then stashed inside the case which was locked with a tiny padlock.

It is not clear where the man was taking the python although locals claim the reptiles fetch a tidy sum for their skin.