Fire in Embu


Property of unknown value was burnt down as fire razed a bar at Kathageri in Embu East at 2am this morning.

Residents said that they rushed to the scene to try put off the fierce fire. Residents claimed they were unable to put off the fire as the electric poles that power the ares started to release electric sparks.

“At one time we had to run from electric sparks emanating from a pole that connects the premises to electricity,” a resident said.

The residents want the county government of Embu to put a proper disaster management system in the area in case such an incident happens again.

They claimed they have to wait for a fire fighters who are in Embu town to come help put the fire which is more than 30 Km away.

“We need a fire engine in Runyenjes to avert the loss of property and lives during fire incidents,” Paul Mugo said.

Police in Runyenjes are investigating the incident to determine the cause of the fire.