Home News Men lead in road accident deaths -NTSA

Men lead in road accident deaths -NTSA


Data from the NTSA show that as from January to October 1, at least 2,640 deaths are due to road accidents, an increase compared to 2,278 deaths during the same period in last year.

Private cars rank the top-most leading with 702, commercial vehicles  with 597, bodaboda riders at 542 and PSV with 411.

Pedestrians continue to lead in fatalities with 1,033 having died in road crashes this year, followed by passengers at 542, motorcyclists at 537, pillion passengers at 254, drivers at 253 and pedal cyclists at 53.

This is an increase from the same period last year when pedestrian deaths were 882, passengers at 521, motorcyclists at 422, pillion passengers at 186, drivers at 233 and pedal cyclists at 42.