Man who killed 19 people at disabled facility sentenced to death


A Japanese man has been sentenced to death for killing 19 people at disabled facility.

Nine men and 10 women, ranging in age from 18 to 70, were killed, and 26 people were injured, when Satoshi Uematsu went ahead to stab them at the care home in 2016.

According to CNN,Uematsu, now aged 30, broke in to the Tsukui Yamayuri-en facility in Sagamihara, a city west of Tokyo,  tied up two members of staff, and then went from wing to wing, floor by floor, killing patients, officials said at the time. The facility was home to 149 residents, ranging in age from teenagers to those in their 70s, at the time.

Around an hour after the attack began, Uematsu turned himself in at a local police station, carrying a bloodstained knife and cloth, officials said.

Reports stated that several months before the attack, Uematsu wrote a letter — seen by CNN — claiming that he had “the ability to kill 470 disabled people

“I am aware that this is an outrageous thing to say,” he wrote, adding that he dreamed “of a world where disabled people with severe difficulties socializing as well as severe difficulties at home are allowed to be peacefully euthanized.”

Uematsu was later committed to an institution to prevent him from “harming others,” Japanese national broadcaster NHK reported, and resigned from his job.

But when he was discharged from the institution in March 2016, the hospital failed to inform the care center, although extra security cameras had been set up around the facility.