Westgate terror suspects ask court for blanket, better diet ahead of their October 5 sentencing


Three suspects of the September 21, 2013 Westgate terror attack were on Friday arraigned at a Milimani Law Court for their sentencing.

Magistrate Francis Andayi  postponed the sentencing to October 5 putting the trio on their defence.

During the Friday court appearance, one of the suspects, Mohammed Ahmed Abdi told the court that he needs an extra blanket, arguing that the cells are  cold.

The second suspect Liban Abdullahi complained of the diet saying the porridge has no sugar.He also claimed that he has lately been taking only a little milk and bread after the beans and kales meal started affecting him.

A third suspect, Hussein Hassan Mustafa said he has sight complications and is not able to see well.

The three are charged with their role in the Westgate terror attack, supporting a terror group and being in the country illegally.

In a short ruling Magistrate Andayi said that none of the accused persons seemed to have a serious medical issue adding that they appeared to be faring well.

The magistrate asked the prisoner in charge to address those issues and file a report in court .

The report is expected to be filed in 10 days of how he has addressed the complainants raised by the accused persons.

Prosecutors spent more than five years gathering evidence against the men, in part because more than 145 witnesses offered testimony.