Nairobi Scouts Reaffirm Sonko’s Coronation As Patron


Nairobi County Scouts leaders have rebuked the Kenya Scouts Association board after it dismissed Sonko’s coronation party as the Nairobi County Scouts Patron.

Through a statement to newsrooms on Thursday, the scouts accused the council of being malicious since they were aware of the plans, adding that a meeting was held to validate the programme at Kenya Scouts Association headquarters also attended by the CEO Moses Danda.

In addition, the scouts said all the procedures were followed when coronation party was conducted.

“It is was against all scouts principles and most of all betrayal of the scouts honor , misleading the public that the Nairobi City County Governor is ignorant of the procedure that was clear bad politics in trying to create non existing conflicts between the National Patron and Nairobi Patron,” reads the statement.

During a ceremony on Friday which formalized Sonko as a member and Scout’s patron, the county chief was seen adorned with the full scout uniform complete with a symbolic scarf and a brown wide-brimmed hat with a gold band.