DJ Evolve out of surgery as Babu Owino accused of another assault


DJ Evolve whose real name is Felix Orinda is out of surgery hours after he was shot by a man alleged to be Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

According to Joe Muchiri, the second surgery was scheduled to remove a blood clot.

“DJ Evolve has left a successful surgery. Now we sit tight and wait for the recovery process to begin, it’s not an easy journey especially when nerves are involved,” Muchiri said on Twitter.

The message was posted on Friday at 11:23pm.

The DJ had earlier undergone an emergency surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his neck.

Another incident is also said to have preceded the shooting three hours earlier.A man identified as Mark Okwiri has accused the legislator of assaulting him.

“Security dragged me out here and they just started beating me up. I just want to get the CCTV footage of what happened,” Owkiri told Citizen TV on Friday.

Okwiri said when he later learnt that Babu Owino had shot someone, that was the worst part for him.

“That could have been me,” he said.

National Gun Owners Association-Kenya (NGAO-Kenya) have released a statement following the shooting incident involving Babu Owino.

“Firearms are not meant for use during domestic dispute, in public places, during road-use conflict or where danger is not imminent to the owner of the firearm,” the statement reads.