‘Stop wearing masks, leave them for patients,’ Kenyans advised on coronavirus


The government has advised Kenyans against wearing of masks as a precautionary measure to avoid contracting the new coronavirus.

Ministry of Health Director-General Dr. Patrick Amoth says masks are only recommended for individuals who have already been infected with the virus to prevent them from transmitting the disease to others and health workers who are taking care of the affected patients.

“Masks are important but they are only for two particular indications; one, if you are unwell, to prevent you from passing the droplets to whoever is taking care of you, or two if you are a healthcare worker who is taking care of somebody who is sick,” says  Dr. Amoth.

“Otherwise use of masks gives you a false sense of security since in trying to adjust the mask you end up touching your nose or eyes which puts you at a risk of transmission of COVID-19.”

“If you are not unwell, you are wasting a useful resource which is hard to come by at the moment. Please let us keep the masks for those of us who are unwell and the healthcare workers so that it can serve its purpose,” he said.