Mystery Dutch Woman emerges in Tecra Muigai’s death probe


Investigators looking into the death of the late Keroche Breweries Tecra Muigai now claim that Omari Lali, the late Tecra’s lover was reportedly involved with a Dutch woman with whom he has a child.

The Dutch woman is said to have rented an apartment about 6 kilometers from where Mr Lali and Ms Muigai were living.

Although investigators did not reveal whether Mr Lali and the woman met during the period, Lali is said to have travelled to Lamu shortly after the woman arrived from a short vacation in Naivasha.

The late Keroche Breweries head of Strategy and Innovation is said to have joined Mr Lali in Lamu thereafter where she stayed over 38 days.

A possible love triangle may be one of the theories that investigators may pursue after an autopsy questioned ”a fall down the stairs” as the sole cause of Ms Muigais death.

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor said the autopsy showed the deceased had multiple head injuries some of which were not consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs.

“This observation indicates blunt object injury as well as a possible fall,” Oduor was quoted by the Daily Nation.

Another consultant pathologist Andrew Gachie said the multiple impact sites of the injuries suggested both blunt object blows and a possible fall,”.

A toxicology report also found no alcohol content in Ms Muigai’s system ruling out claims that the late stumbled down a flight of stairs in a state of intoxication.

A house-keeper at the apartment where the two lovers stayed told investigators that Mr. Lali had asked them to clean up bloodstains at the bottom of the stairs which were a result of a ‘minor accident’.