Papa Shirandula’s wife says Karen Hospital doctors’ negligence caused husband’s death


On the day Kenya bids farewell to Papa Shirandula, his wife Ebbie Andega accused doctors from Karen Hospital of negligence and said her husband would be alive if they paid more attention to his symptoms.

During Papa’s sendoff in Busia, the  widow said her better half died at the parking lot of the hospital and was not even admitted.

“He died in the seat of the car while sitting next to me. They did not even admit him. We went to Karen Hospital and the admission process was complicated. I asked them to put him on support because it was an emergency but it was not done,” the actor’s wife lamented. She added that when the thespian was rushed to hospital after feeling unwell, he was only tested for COVID-19.

Ebbie added that doctors ignored two other key tests (malaria and pneumonia) that would have probably helped to save her husband’s life.

The mother of Papa’s children believed the cold weather is not conducive for people’s lungs and her husband was probably suffering from another disease too.

“COVID-19 is manageable. Papa was supposed to undergo three tests: coronavirus, pneumonia and malaria. When I asked the doctors whether they did all three, they said no. I asked them why they only focused on COVID-19 while he could also be suffering from something else,” the widow cried out.