Covid 19 mix-up?? Kenyan Vlogger Tests Negative For Covid-19 After Consulting Another Hospital

Miss Trudy who is a digital content creator and influencer got tested for Covid-19 at Kenyatta National Hospital as she was looking forward to travel to Ghana.
As the COVID 19 guidelines stipulate, to travel to Ghana you should have a Covid 19 certificate and travel within 72 hours after your results are out.

” I got really shocking news, it’s actually 3am in the morning and I haven’t slept. I’m not even sleepy. Guys my test came out positive. I tested positive for Covid-19. I’m just in shock I feel like am dreaming and someone is gonna pinch me and am gonna wake up. I just can’t believe it! Like how can I be positive? I don’t even have the signs you Know? My family is Shocked, my dad is so scared.”


She went and got tested for the second time, at Coptic Hospital and her results came out negative

“Guys I just got my results. I am so scared to open. I am negative!!! I am freaking negative! Ooh my God, I am so happy. How is it that I was told am positive a few days ago attached Kenyatta hospital? I came here and they say am negative? I feel like these guys are not serious with people’s lives.

It leaves a question of what is happening in our health sector? Are these hospitals doing what they are supposed to be doing? Did they mix my results with someone’s else’s? How many people have they done this to? How many people have lost so much money because they were given the wrong results?”

This rises many questions about the number of COVID 19 cases in the country and how true the results are.