Ngirita’s mother asks court for permission to withdraw Ksh 800,000 for son’s fees


Phylis Njeri Ngirita, who is a suspect in the NYS scandal case, on Thursday, January 23, wept at Milimani Law Courts after the court failed to lift an order freezing all her bank accounts, claiming that lack of funds had led to her son dropping out of school.

As  highlighted by K24 Digital, the court ordered Ngirita to wait for another 17 days before knowing whether she will be allowed to withdraw Ksh 800,000 from her account or not.

Phylis Njeri Ngirita (left) and Ann Ngirita (centre) consult their lawyer Cliff Ombeta at Milimani Law Court in September 2018
Phylis Njeri Ngirita (left) and Ann Ngirita (centre)  lawyer Cliff Ombeta 

The suspect also claimed that she owes her son’s school, Pembroke House School in Gilgil, up to Ksh3.4 million in unpaid fees, therefore, keeping him out of class.

“The (freezing) order has caused undue hardship to my family and paralysed the education of my children,” she added.

She continued to say that she is the one who has an ongoing case so her child should not be suffering.

“Even if am accused, my child is not part of the accusation and should not continue experiencing this suffering. I want the government to establish who stole the money because it wasn’t the Ngirita’s family.

“They claim that I stole Ksh9 billion but my account doesn’t have such amounts of money. How would I be having Ksh9 billion and fail to educate my own child? The court has ordered me to stay with the kid at home until February and the child has not been in school for the last two terms.”

Phyllis Njeri Ngirita was charged alongside her sister, Anne Ngirita, and their mother, Lucy Ngirita, in May 2018 for alleged involvement in the loss of Ksh468 million in the NYS scandal.

NYS suspects Anne Ngirita (right) and Phillis Ngirita in court in September 2018