Rare Bird Flies 6948KM from Europe to Kenya


A rare bird covered 6,948 kilometres from Finland, Europe before arriving in Bondo, Siaya County.

The bird identified as the rare species Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) was stuck in a fishing net and seemed to be injured.

KWS officers revealed that the bird was found with some bruises on its leg and was dehydrated, has lost some weight but it is healthy.

The Osprey bird found in Siaya County on Monday, January 20

A refereeing ring tagged to the bird’s leg further confirmed that the bird had been ringed in Helsinki, Finland at Museum Zool.

Bird ringing is the practice of catching birds, marking them with an identifying tag around the leg and releasing them.

In their statement, KWS stated that they would care for the bird to stabilize it before releasing it back to the wild.

“It will be stabilised by administering IV fluids and provided proper diet, then monitored for a few days before being released back to the wild,” the agency noted.


In 2017, Talk Africa reported that this same bird spices had been seen in Makongeni, Thika.