Traffic officers to be removed from roads, says IG Mutyambai


Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on Monday said all static traffic officers along the roads will be removed.

Speaking at the Police Pavilion in South C after receiving 19 vehicles from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), said they will be replaced by mobile traffic officers who will conduct checks along highways in the country.

“We have realized that the way we’ve been doing traffic is not the right way…officers are not going to be static in one area the whole day,” he said.

Deputy IG Edward Mbugua on the other hand,announced that there will no longer be detention of drivers by traffic police over minor offences.

“You’re aware that 14-seater matatus are not to enter the CBD except for those on long distance. Arresting drivers and keeping them in police stations is not going to be allowed,” stated Mbugua.

“Officers will be required to give notice to those drivers to appear on court. Officers will also not be deployed on the roads for traffic checks but flow of traffic.”