Next three weeks to determine whether gov’t lifts remaining COVID-19 restrictions


The Ministry of Health has informed that  the next three weeks will be critical in determining whether the government will lift the remaining COVID-19 containment measures.

Director General Dr. Patrick Amoth on  said the declining positivity rate witnessed over the past one week is an indication of progress in combating the virus in the country.

“For the past one week or so you have noticed a decreasing positivity rate which as of today stands at 6%. That tells you we are making progress but we have not hit the magical 5% which we need to hit and sustain for two weeks before we can actually say we are flattening the curve,” said Dr. Amoth.

According to Dr. Amoth, the country will need to sustain the positivity rate at 5% for two weeks in order for the Ministry to declare that the curve has been flattened and therefore lift the remaining restrictions.

“So the next three to four weeks will be critical to determine whether we have hit the magical 5% and we sustain that positivity rate in which case we can conclusively say we have flattened the curve and therefore we can be able to lift the remaining measures,” said Dr. Amoth.

“Our projections are in line with what we told you early in March-April that the pandemic will peak in
late August, September. The empirical data you are seeing is pointing to that figure but it is too early to conclusively address this matter at now,” he said.