I initiated the Nairobi take-over discussions with national Gov’t after benchmarking in the US


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says that he had a hand in the talks that saw the National Government take over critical functions of Nairobi county.

Sonko says he reached out to the National Government with the aim of finding a sustainable approach to service delivery that leveraged both on the County and National resources and competencies.

He gave an example of Abuja, Nigeria and Washington DC in the US, saying: “we established that cities and metropolis, the size of Nairobi, are best served jointly by devolved units and Central Governments.”

He added: “unlike other Counties, Nairobi being our nation’s seat of power and the country’s commercial capital, its needs are unique and calls for greater partnerships with other stakeholders, key among them being the National Government,”

The deed of transfer hands to the national government the responsibility of collecting all revenue collected from health, transport, urban planning and public works services.