Osprey that flew from Finland to Kenya dies


The rescued migratory Osprey bird that flew from Finland and landed in Kenya after covering over 6,000 kilometers has unfortunately died.

The four-year-old bird died over the weekend under the care of Kenya Wildlife Service and the licensed Raptor Rehabilitation Centre.

KWS tried to rehabilitate the bird and had intended to release it to the wild after recovery.

According to KWS, a post-mortem examination conducted on the bird attributed the death to “long term starvation which precipitated systemic organs failure.”.

It was spotted  on January 20, 2020 and reported to the KWS.

It was delivered to the KWS Veterinary Department in Nairobi on January 23, 2020 and was later transferred to the Raptor Rehabilitation centre in Karen.

KWS says: “By the time the bird was delivered to the city, it had been severely dehydrated, weak and emaciated from the long flight and minor injuries while trapped by the fishing net.”

The bird’s origin has been established from a refereeing ring on its leg whose details show that it was ringed in Finland (Museum Zool, Helsinki Finland, M-68528)