Fisherman who rescued Osprey bird collapses after learning the bird died


The news of the Osprey’s demise hit Mr. Tende who rescued the bird expressing how deeply he had been gutted about the untimely death of the bird.

“This was like a family member of family and it is a big loss for me. I had planned to travel to the city to see the bird,” he said.

The 72-year old Walter who is also a fisherman could not hide his grief.

The bird which weighed between 950g and 1kg had been ringed in 2017 and was ready for mating.

In its statement, KWS said it was feeding and treating the fish-eating bird back to health with a plan to release it at the exact site it was rescued in the Lake Victoria catchment.

A section of elders who regretted the death of the bird said some rituals were to be conducted before the release of the bird.”Traditionally, elders would sit down and conduct some rituals to welcome or send off such strange ‘guests’.”