“Mambo ya sausage moja na beer mbili is over” Kagwe Mungai


CS Kagwe speaking at Afya House on Tuesday, said this measure was put in ln place with an aim to  enforce social distancing by reducing socialization to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The CS asked Kenyans to set aside the popular sausage and two beers order now christened the ‘Kagwe Special’ when they visit restaurants and instead shift their focus to two sausages and a soda.

“Mambo ya sausage moja na beer mbili is over and if you buy drinks, take them home and then invite 15 of your friends for a BBQ and effectively transform your home into a shebeen or karumaindo, you will be contravening the regulations and therefore liable to punishment,” he said.

“The idea is to stop socializing and therefore preserve social distancing. Going forward, sausage mbili, soda moja is the new norm.”

“I’m not saying that we’re prohibiting you from walking into a supermarket and buying your kanywaji. Subsequently, supermarkets and wines and spirits which we have not closed must not be converted into parking lot drinking sprees.”

He also warned Kenyans against now transferring the drinking gatherings to their homes saying they would be placing their families at risk.

“COVID-19 has turned us into bullets. that could kill our loved ones if we are not careful. We’re dangerous. I can kill, and you can kill, unknowingly,” stated the CS.

“COVID-19 haitambui VIP, and neither will we.”