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Senator Ledama Olekina: If I were president I would plant Weed instead of maize at Galana Kulalu


Narok County Senator Ledama Olekina has been the talk of town in the recent past after a video of him in a Bhang farm reignited different reactions on social media.

In the video he was in the middle of a farm, full of bhang while on tour in Lithuania. Olekina said that Lithuania has legalized the drug and that Kenya should also amend its laws so that the drug can be used to reduce pain in cancer patients.

Speaking to media personality Jalang’o on his show, Olekina said said that weed had both economic and health values that would help the country.

“If I were President, instead of planting maize, I would plant hemp on Galana Kulalu harvest, sell it and pay China their debts. Kenyans want a president who thinks in the same direction,’’ said the Senator.

The outspoken senator also stated that most politicians also smoke the herb and it is about time they stop pretending that the plant is harmful.

“ Let us not lie to Kenyans, most of our politicians smoke weed. We are not honest. It is something that we should look at to help these people with medicinal needs,” he said.

In 2018, former Kibra MP Ken Okoth tabled a bill in parliament to legalize and draw regulations into the use of marijuana.