Woman suspects husband committed suicide after lacking omena in his meal


A 61-year-old man from Shimalavandu Village, Kakamega County committed suicide after he was allegedly served ugali and sukuma wiki yet he wanted omena as part of his meal.

In an interview with K24,the man’s widow, Mary Khahoya,said that her husband arrived home and found the family members eating ugali, sukuma wiki and omena.

“He greeted us, and went to the bedroom. I, thereafter, took his meal – ugali and sukuma wiki – to where he was. He asked why omena wasn’t part of the meal. I told him it was because he arrived late, and that the entire [omena] dish had been served to the other family members,” said Khahoya.

After serving him the meal, Khahoya said she returned to the living room.

“Later, when I went to the bedroom, I found his body hanging from a sisal rope tied to the rafters above our bed. I was shocked. I suspect he took his own life following the frustration of being served a meal without omena in the menu,” said Khahoya.

According to Zablon Mukoshi, who is a preacher where the now-deceased used to fellowship, the man could have committed suicide as a result of family wrangles, and not the “omenaless” meal.