Charcoal from coconut shell and husks


Kencoco ltd a short form of Kenya coconut located in Kikambala, Kilifi county,makes and sells charcoal briquettes from agricultural coconut waste and charcoal fines left .

The charcoal briquettes are affordable and are environmental friendly compered to fuels such as firewood kerosene and wood charcoal.

The company produces about 20 tonnes of briquettes every month from coconut shells, husks.

Since tree logging was banned in the country and people are in need of charcoal, this briquettes have come in handy to the residents of the area.

According to the United Nations Environment Progamme, UNEP, use of briquettes as a source of energy for rural communities is enough can mitigate the adverse effects of  climate change by up to 60 per cent, as they offer viable alternatives to the traditional firewood which  has led to massive deforestation.