Username Investments Ltd Awarded the Best Land Company in the Use of Digital Tech Solutions


“It is indeed humbling to receive this award for the 2nd year running. At Username Investments we have adopted the use of digital platforms to provide timely project updates to clients and respond to inquiries thereby creating efficiency offer first class customer experience. We have a variety of affordable products in different parts of the country and we have enabled clients not only in Kenya but in the diaspora as well, to purchase land. This award is a recognition of our leading role and unique commitment in making property ownership accessible by all Kenyans,” Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investment Ltd.

“Innovation is one of our key values and we continuously look for ways of making investment easier for our customers,” Reuben continued, “we are glad that we have made investment convenient especially for our young people in Kenya, to invest in land. We are an innovative real estate company that is continuously adopting new ways to positively change the real estate sector in Kenya”.

“We recognize that the majority of the population in our country are mostly youth and there is a high demand of affordable housing to suit the population. Most young people have had challenges in actualizing their home ownership desire due to the high land prices and most cannot access credit facilities for different reasons. Username provides both affordable properties in urban areas and also goes further to ensure that you can pay in monthly installments if you do not have the full amount at hand.’

The CEO thanked clients, stakeholders and all Kenyans for believing in the leading real estate and development company that has been on the forefront in providing affordable and value-added land in areas close to urban centers. He also thanked Digital Events for recognizing the unique role played by technology to enhance business success and convenient delivery of products and services to clients.