Safaricom unveils a Ksh.20-a-day smartphone deal


 Safaricom has set its sights on reaching one million new 4G users through its launched smartphone ownership financing scheme.

Lipa mdogo mdogo is the solution is targeted at bridging the gap to smartphone ownership by upgrading level entry users to the 4G platform.

The plan will allow customers to own 4G smartphone devices at an initial cost of Ksh.1000 with the subsequent payment of Ksh.20 a day with qualifications being based on network usage patterns and ownership of level entry 2G devices.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa says the initiative is hinged on growing internet penetration as part of the operators plan to democratize mobile data.

“To democratize data, one will need to have a 4G smartphone device. Today, the penetration is only at 17 percent. The most important aspect to reach this goal is affordability and accessibility,” he said.

Safaricom has partnered Google’s Android which too seeks to leverage the development of 4G infrastructure in the country to scale up internet usage.

“This collaboration is going to bring more and more people online to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet. We have looked at ways to make smartphones as affordable as sukumawiki,” Android Platforms Partnerships Director for Africa Mariam Abdulahi said.