How safe are female students at The University of Nairobi


There have been cases od female students at UoN being robbed and raped.

The university of Nairobi issued an  internal memo and mentioned a few areas as the “blackspots”

  1. Univeristy way along KEMU
  2. St.Paul chapel
  3. University way round about
  4. Nyerere road adjacent to central park


Netizens have not taken this well as some public figures ask why they are blaming the girls and not condemning those who rape this girls.

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“…A clear case of recklessness by our female students…” “…Rape involving female students…” Those students are victims of rape not participants. No condemnation of the rapists. No mention of what the university will do in collaboration with police to ensure safety of its students. No. They, an entire institution would rather assign blame NOT on the rapists but on the victims and even expose one victims story where they assign blame to her! And then these “TIPS” y’all keep throwing around at women. Right now, where we go, what time we will go there, who we will go with, how we will get there, what we will wear etc is governed by how safe we will be and that is NOT normal neither is it OK! If men just stopped raping us, rape will stop. This is what victim shaming looks like. This is what normalization of rape looks like. And we will not stand for it. PS: I’m turning off my comments because there’s always that one tone deaf triggering person and I’m protecting my energy.

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