Mama Lucy Hospital to open Sh1.1 billion maternity win


Mama Lucy Hospital is set to open a 66-bed capacity maternity wing next month.City Hall has also allocated Sh100 million for the completion of the wing.

The wing will also have  general wards, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a High Dependency Unit.

Nairobi County Health Chief Officer Mohammed Sahal said that construction plans at the facility were at an advanced stage and the maternity wing would be unveiled early next year.

Mama Lucy Hospital will be the only county-owned hospital with an ICU apart from Kenyatta National Hospital.

“The maternity wing will not only help de-congest the main wing in the hospital, but will also make sure that mothers acquire the best maternity care,” said Sahal.

The construction  started in 2013 at a cost of Sh1.1 billion.

Meanwhile has a staff shortage of 284.Data by the hospital’s Human Resource department revealed in June this year that it had a total 468 staff against a required 752.