Maggot therapy


Maggot therapy has been adapted as a treatment usually for people with diabetic and those with low blood levels.

Janet Aoko has found the maggot therapy where love maggots are inserted into her stubborn wound and then left for 48  hours  to eat up dead flesh.

These maggots are believed to access where surgeons cannot reach.

Aoko explained that her leg started to swell and she felt pain anytime she walked for almost two years. The swelling went further to her toes and her leg turned black from her knee downwards and her skin started peeling.

Shock waves are sent down her spine every time her foot touches the ground. Doctors at Kenyatta national hospital advised her to use this maggot therapy to catalyze the rate of healing which is referred to as debriding.

The wound is first cleaned and the live maggots are plastered into the wound.

These maggots are transported from the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock organisation.

After the 48 hours of the maggots in her leg, the wound looks cleaner and the maggots are “bigger and fatter”